Senior Behavioral Technician

This position provides behavioral acquisition and reduction services to children diagnosed with autism and related disabilities and their families.

Primary responsibilities include assisting with functional assessments and analyses, co-authoring behavioral treatment plans, carrying out competency-based parent/staff training, analyzing data, monitoring implementation of treatment plans, and recommending adjustments to treatment plans. This position may require travel within the local area.

The candidate will have (a) a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university; (b) at least two-semesters (or equivalent) of formal training in applied behavior analysis; (c) one or more years supervised experience carrying out behavioral treatment plans; (d) effective oral and written communication skills; and (e) outstanding social skills.

Hourly pay varies widely depending upon education and experience. Please contact us for details.

We offer outstanding benefits including paid vacations, personal leave, health insurance, professional development, professional liability insurance, travel reimbursement, and research opportunities.

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